Virgin Coconut Mojito Popsicles

virgin coconut mojito popsicles

There’s a reason why mojitos are the perfect summer drink. Multiple reasons, actually.

Plenty of ice.
Tingly, fizzy soda bubbles.
The smell of freshly muddled spearmint
The zing of lime

The only way to make a mojito even more refreshing? Turn it into a popsicle.

My friends Paulina and Gustavo, owners of Spoon Food Tours here in San Juan, asked me to contribute a blog post for their site. I immediately thought of their lunch tour, one of their most popular offerings. It often starts with a visit to a beachside restaurant to nosh on mofongo and other tasty treats. Participants of the tour can enjoy their mofongo with a cold beverage, including icy coconut water straight from the nut.

virgin coconut mojito popsicles

The only way to make a frozen mojito even more refreshing? Coconut water. Coconut water has a subtle flavor that reminds you of the tropics.  Paired with the lime and spearmint… it’s just blissful.  If you would rather drink than bite into your mojitos, try replacing half of the soda water with coconut water.

For the virgin coconut mojito popsicles recipe, head over to Spoon Food Tours|Puerto Rico’s blog.

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