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Thank you. And THE cookie recipe.


Some people leave their workplace quietly, without making much fuss.  Others are not granted the luxury to say goodbye to dear friends and colleagues when separated from their employment.  And many write a note, wishing everyone the best for their personal and professional lives.  Piecing together a letter in my head was easy.  I have nine years of lessons and friendships – sisterhood – under my belt and respect for the people I interacted with in a professional capacity. Read More…

Blueberry-Orange Coffee Cake

Blueberry-Orange Coffee Cake

To celebrate the end of the month, and just because it’s just so darned fun, we’re having a potluck breakfast at work.  Up until the last one we had in October, I would stop by the supermarket and buy fruit or other ready-made treat to add to the conference table.  For our second quarter’s gathering, I baked a pumpkin bundt cake that was well received by everyone.   When Nidal, our fearless organizer, rounded up everyone on Wednesday to organize today’s breakfast, he was quick to remind me about last time’s cake.  Darned flattery… Read More…

Manchego & Roasted Red Pepper Teacakes

Manchego & Roasted Red Pepper Tea Cakes

Adapted from Dorie Greenspan’s recipe, as published in Serious Eats and Around My French Table

Foodbuzz, the food blogging community I’m part of, has partnered with Electrolux and Kelly Ripa to raise awareness on ovarian cancer and the efforts of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.  This is a cause that hits close to home; one of my neighbors and occasional running partner has been under treatment for over two years for ovarian cancer.  She is one of the bravest ladies I know and I’m happy to help fund research to find a method of early detection and ultimately a cure for this disease.  Foodbuzz is one of the sponsors of Kelly’s Tea Party for a Cause, and has asked us featured publishers to prepare posts with the perfect tea party recipe. For each blog post submitted with this theme, it will be donating $50.00.  You can also help by clicking here and looking around the site; every hit will generate a $1.00 donation.  On Friday, March 25th, visit Foodbuzz and check out which posts made it to the daily Top 9, as voted by the Foodbuzz staff and fellow bloggers.  While the concept of tea parties is not common in Puerto Rico, we do know how to throw great gatherings pairing small nibbles with coffee, sangria…. just not tea!  Read More…

Happy Valentine’s Day


I am awed by how much candy we have today at work – it is really closing up on Halloween!  I brought in yet another variation of Martha’s One Dough – Thirty Cookies theme from the holidays.  This time, I rolled the cookies out and used a large heart cutter and a smaller round one.  I lucked out and bought the red and clear sugar crystals on a post-Christmas sale!

We had a busy weekend in the kitchen; this year we did our share of wooing-cooking after buying some special proteins at Costco to avoid the crowded restaurants.  I’m very excited to share soon three great dishes (including my foray into the French Fridays with Dorie cooking/blogging group) and hesitant about including a partial fail/near miss on the dessert front.  I’m still working on the redemption angle to that story.  

Have a sweet Valentine’s Day!  



Tengo en mi escritorio una botella de coquito
que me mira como diciendo ‘anda tomate un poquito!’


We are approaching the end of the work week, and slowly but surely sweets, gifts, and decorations have cut down a little of the office productivity.  Tomorrow I’ll be bringing the aftermath of weeks of experimenting, in the shape of tins and bags of cookies to share with my friends.  Marisol, my cubicle neighbor, gave us bottles of coquito.  It’s sitting in my desk right now, and I’m trying really hard to be good and not even smell it.   You’ll see why in a minute. 

Coquito is a Puerto Rican coconut flavored eggnog-type drink that can probably be found at every household during the November-January holidays.  While I don’t make it myself, I would know who to ask for some!  Coquito recipes are very varied – some may include eggs, some might be alcohol-free, but most of them include coconut milk or cream to impart that signature taste.

If you are intrigued, here are some places where you could find recipes:

  • Karma Free Cooking has two alcohol and egg free versions, original and super creamy.
  • Here is a version with tempered egg yolks, for food safety purposes
  • An easier, no frills version without eggs

Milka Joghurt

There is an unspoken rule in my company that anyone that goes or comes from the Swiss operation to Puerto Rico must bring back chocolates. Over the last few years, I’ve gotten ahold of some really great, not available in the US versions of Toblerone, Lindt, Nestlé and other brands I didn’t even know about. We recently received the visit of one of our counterparts and he gallantly brought us ladies an assortment of Toblerone that should still be well hidden in my boss’ office. In addition, another co-worker I interact frequently with sent me a set of five 100 gram bars of Milka Joghurt.


Milka Joghurt, as the name implies, is an Alpine milk chocolate bar with a yogurt filling manufactured by Kraft Foods Deutschland. Yogurt filling was something very foreign to me; my experience with yogurt-y snacks was limited to yogurt covered pretzels (which I love) and other items with a similar coating. When you turn around to see the ingredients list for these snacks, it is obvious the ‘yogurt’ is a glorified – albeit delicious – candy shell. This chocolate bar starts with a very sweet milk chocolate, and then gives way to a very tangy plain yogurt center. The ingredients list includes powdered nonfat yogurt (2.9%) pretty high in the order after all the obvious milk chocolate components. The sweetness of the chocolate would have been cloying by itself, but is balanced by the sourness of the yogurt. Not surprisingly, it is the only candy bar I have seen with an expiration date. It seems I have until December 9, 2010 to consume my candy bars.

Halloween Brownies


(Not the one with pecans and white choco chips… that one will meet its fate in the ice cream maker during the weekend.)