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Kitchen Safety – Puncture Wounds

It is time for confessing… for acknowledging another bout of klutziness, of mindlessly doing things that required my full attention.  I’m not showing you my battle wound, but believe me, it was probably not even half as bad as I will make it sound.

Two months ago, we were over our friends’ house for an afternoon-long Sunday dinner, the kind where the conversations flow easily, the kitchen duties are seamlessly shared between hosts and overeager guests.  Most of the meal was ready – all we needed was to plate some avocado slices.

Gooey, slippery Haas avocado + unfamiliar knife that looked far more benign that what it actually was… you can tell where this story is going.  The knife did not make contact with the pit I was trying to remove.  It found the palm of my left hand.  I looked at the pooling blood in disbelief and looked helplessly at my hostess.

“Band Aid?”
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Kitchen Safety – Burns

Last weekend, while preparing yet another batch of David Lebovitz’s delicious salted caramel ice cream, I experienced one of those kitchen “firsts” that shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

I got burned by a jolt of molten, caramelized sugar. I should have reacted faster and rinsed off the browned culprit faster, but those few seconds it took me to bring my hand under cool running water were enough to score me a second degree burn.

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