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Saborea Puerto Rico 2013

Image courtesy of the Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association

Want to read about my experience at the event? Click here.

If Puerto Rico had an official food holiday, Saborea Puerto Rico would be it.  The sixth edition of Saborea Puerto Rico – A Culinary Extravaganza kicks off tonight, with its flagship event taking place on April 6th and 7th at the Parque del Tercer Milenio (el Escambrón).  This event is organized by the Puerto Rico Hotels and Tourism Association and sponsored by the City of San Juan, the Puerto Rico National Parks Company, and MasterCard among other entities.  Sixty-two chefs from Puerto Rico and the US will be participating in different activities during these four days of tastings, education, and fun. Read More…

Friday Tasty Links – March 29, 2013

I hope everyone has a great Easter/Passover/spring solstice celebration! Maybe the rate at which I have been posting has given away that I am enjoying a week off from work-work. Feels nice to catch up on my reading and relax for a bit.

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Friday Tasty Links – March 22, 2013

Did you have a good week?  I’m still giddy about the NBC Latino profile published on Wednesday.

This week was a little uneventful in our kitchen, typical of the March/April work crunch.  I had plenty of greens from Sunday’s market, so we had mostly salads.  Yesterday I got around making a big batch of vegetable stock – a surprising “first”.  Some of it ended up in in a creamy cauliflower soup (sans cream), some will go into an orange-scented lentil soup.  Both are efforts to catch up with FFwD recipes.  I am especially motivated to complete all these now that I bit the bullet and signed up for the IFBC.  Dorie Greenspan will be the keynote speaker and a big bunch of the group bloggers will be in attendance.

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NBC Latino: Food Blogs We Love

NBC Latino: Food Blogs We Love

I’m beyond excited today.  Great Food 360˚ is featured this week over at NBC Latino, in the weekly “Food Blogs We Love” column.  A couple of weeks ago, Nina Terrero from NBC Latino reached out and asked if I would be interested in being profiled.  Santo quiere misa?

Thank you for taking time to read my posts and for sharing them with your friends and family.  It makes this ride so much sweeter.

Follow NBC Latino on Facebook and Twitter and make sure to check out all those great “Food Blogs We Love” features.  There are so many inspiring bloggers there!


Friday Tasty Links – March 15th, 2013

Picture courtesy of  Steven B Kennedy - Used under Creative Commons License for Noncommercial Purposes

Árboles Grandes Trail, El Yunque National Forest, Puerto Rico

It’s time for Friday tasty links! Starting today, I will be pointing you out to news, essays, infographs, slide shows, and recipes that caught my eye during the week. If you come across any interesting food news to be shared during the week, tweet @GreatFood360 or post to the blog Facebook page.

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GF360˚ Top 5 Posts of 2012

With 2012 officially out of the way, it’s time to reveal which were the top 5 most visited posts from last year.  Although perennial favorites Harina de Maíz (Breakfast Cornmeal Cereal) and Sandwiches de Mezcla could not be toppled off the first spots, the top two items from this year will definitely give them a run for their money in 2013.  People are arriving to Great Food 360˚ for the Puerto Rican and Caribbean recipes, and I’ll be happy to continue working with the traditional and more modern interpretations of these flavors.

Here are the Top 5 posts of 2012:

5.  Lumpy Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche - 2012 Top 5 Posts at GreatFood360

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2012 US Southeast Road Trip – Introduction

There are few things I enjoy more than putting together a trip. I geek out and prepare Excel spreadsheets for everything, from schedules, transportation minutiae, to outfits. On my first road trip with E back in 2006, I compiled a whole binder filled with Google Maps printouts, winery maps, reservation confirmations, and had to stop myself from bringing a hole puncher to add every brochure we grabbed (I got to that after returning home). Thankfully we live in the age of smartphones and applications like TripIt, Yelp, and Waze that allow for a little more spontaneity and a much lighter carry-on bag. Read More…

French Fridays with Dorie Anniversary

This week marks my first year cooking and blogging with the French Fridays with Dorie group.  This “Dorie Anniversary” feels like a true milestone.  It’s the first time I get so much metaphorical mileage out of a cookbook.  I also credit FFwD for helping me keep a blogging schedule/output consistency.   Read More…