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World Peace Chocolate Chip Cookies

World Peace Chocolate Chip Cookies

Ever had the strongest urge to eat something sweet and chocolatey, and absolutely nothing in the pantry or refrigerator fit the bill?

It would have been a LOT worse had there not been a bag of chocolate chips leftover from the holidays.  And a vacuum sealed bag of cocoa powder that hasn’t seen the light of day in over a year.

That also speaks of the cobwebs and dust piling up around here…

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FFwD Christmas Card Exchange: Almond Toffee Bark

almond toffee bark

I just had E snooping over at my laptop screen, and he noticed that I abbreviated the ‘French Fridays’ into our shorthand FFwD for this post’s title.

“FFwD… its Freaky Friday!”


“Freaky Friday!”


“Freeaky Friiiday!”

And then it hit me.  It WAS Freaky Friday with Doristas!

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Tuesdays with Dorie: The Rugelach that Won Over France

Rugelach that Won over France

Today’s Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking Chez Moi recipe, the Rugelach that Won over France, is a soft cookie filled with a mixture of nuts, cherries, and semi sweet chocolate.  While the main ingredient in Dorie’s original recipe is coconut, I had plenty of nuts that needed to be used.  My version combines the chocolate and cherries with  walnuts, pecans, and a bit of coconut oil for a nuttier version. Read More…

Devil’s Food Cake

Devil's Food Cake

My siblings and I are all doted with very different artistic talents.  My brother is musically inclined.  He was selected at a very young age to sing in a prestigious choir in Puerto Rico and later learned to play guitar on his own.  My sister always excelled in all different type of visual art.  She could sketch, paint, and sculpt.  I was the bookish one, either reading and writing poems and stories that would now make me blush on how lame they were.  If there was ever a weekend when I needed to channel my sister’s ability to make pretty things, it should have been this one. Read More…

Recipe Matchup: Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate pudding is the most comforting dessert I can think of.  Could it be the “ah, mine!” factor of the individual portions? The “feel good” chemical components in the chocolate? The silky texture?  While visiting Charleston last fall, E got to try Hominy Grill’s famous chocolate pudding.  I bought the restaurant’s recipe booklet, and after we returned home every other week I would hear “when are you making the pudding?”.  Last Sunday we had dinner over at our friends’ house and since it was my turn to bring dessert, I got around it.  I even splurged on “good” chocolate for them. Read More…

French Fridays with Dorie – Cocoa Sablés

Cocoa Sables

I haven’t baked a cookie since the holidays.  After preparing so many batches right before Christmas, I developed bakers’ fatigue, a made up condition that involves ignoring all recipes that require  the combination of a sifter, stand mixer, and oven.  This week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie, cocoa sablés, was simple enough to ease me out of bakers’ fatigue.  I had all the ingredients on hand, including the optional bittersweet chocolate.  I prepared the dough quickly, rolled it out, and left it to rest until this morning. Read More…

Milka Joghurt

There is an unspoken rule in my company that anyone that goes or comes from the Swiss operation to Puerto Rico must bring back chocolates. Over the last few years, I’ve gotten ahold of some really great, not available in the US versions of Toblerone, Lindt, Nestlé and other brands I didn’t even know about. We recently received the visit of one of our counterparts and he gallantly brought us ladies an assortment of Toblerone that should still be well hidden in my boss’ office. In addition, another co-worker I interact frequently with sent me a set of five 100 gram bars of Milka Joghurt.


Milka Joghurt, as the name implies, is an Alpine milk chocolate bar with a yogurt filling manufactured by Kraft Foods Deutschland. Yogurt filling was something very foreign to me; my experience with yogurt-y snacks was limited to yogurt covered pretzels (which I love) and other items with a similar coating. When you turn around to see the ingredients list for these snacks, it is obvious the ‘yogurt’ is a glorified – albeit delicious – candy shell. This chocolate bar starts with a very sweet milk chocolate, and then gives way to a very tangy plain yogurt center. The ingredients list includes powdered nonfat yogurt (2.9%) pretty high in the order after all the obvious milk chocolate components. The sweetness of the chocolate would have been cloying by itself, but is balanced by the sourness of the yogurt. Not surprisingly, it is the only candy bar I have seen with an expiration date. It seems I have until December 9, 2010 to consume my candy bars.