Spicy Eggplant Pasta Bake… and a bit of Housekeeping!

Oh boy… it has been a while, hasn’t it?   You know you’ve let your blogging-self go when you log back in and find that your blog needs all these updates for security, looks and what not.  

Spicy Eggplant Caponata Pasta Bake - Great Food 360

Double authentication settings? Check.  Shiny new WordPress plugins? Check. A whole new Cook the Book Fridays adventure?  Ohmygod, yes. I mean, check. 

But before I let you in on the new project, it seemed fitting to share just a bit of what has been going on around these parts.  For one, work. Lots of it, sometimes even on overwhelming amounts. Some of you may think that hasn’t changed much! I’m happy it is meaningful work, and that I’m surrounded by super smart people that make me want to do my best every day.


Running is still one of my favorite things to do.  I’ve managed to log in enough miles since I last blogged to circle Puerto Rico almost six times.  Taking on a sport in my 30s gave me confidence that I can do anything with hard work, discipline, and the right support system.  Running has also made me HUNGRY for more delicious food.

If you follow @greatfood360, you’ll see that while the blogging paused, the search for those great bites – both in and out of the house – hasn’t stopped.  After Hurricane Maria, many food businesses had to close down. However, new ventures have popped up, each with more interesting, well thought finds to satisfy the most demanding palates.  New bakeries, ice cream parlors and other craft food producers are serving treats that can compete with the world’s best.  New produce delivery services are making restaurant quality local fruits and vegetables more accessible to everyone. It’s an exciting time to eat and cook your way around Puerto Rico.

Ponica Farms Puerto Rico GreatFood360

Ponica Farms delivered all these gorgeous greens and eggplant to my office.

Inspired by local produce and a lower carb pasta find, I made this baked casserole that includes local eggplant, green onions and a showerful of arugula.  The sauce is spicy like an arrabiata, but the cheese and breadcrumbs mellow it out. The teaspoon of anchovy paste can be omitted for a vegetarian version.  

So the cobwebs have been dusted off.  We’re ready to COOK!  If you have any recipes or ideas, suggestions on extra veggies to toss into the eggplant pasta bake, or just want to say hi, hit up the comment sections or drop by the GF360˚ Instagram and Facebook pages.

Carne Guisada – Puerto Rican Beef Stew

Carne Guisada

When I was a kid, I did not show much love for my mother’s beef stew, carne guisada.  I was told once by a family friend that my mother made the best beef stew and I shrugged it off.  Teenagers are stupid.  I didn’t really get the alchemy behind sofrito, tomato, potatoes, carrots, bay and beef.  My siblings and I would get home back from school and basically ignore the large pot where the beef stew, stuffed pot roast and carne a la catalana would simmer for hours before dinnertime. It was just… there.  It took going away for college and coming back home to appreciate the comforting magic of these slow cooked dishes.   Read More…