GF360° Top 5 Posts of 2013

GF360° Top 5 Posts of 2013

I am a statistics nerd… putting together this recap of the most viewed posts of 2013 was fun and eye-opening.  Puerto Rican flavors, both and and out of my kitchen, keep bringing friends, family and the curious into Great Food 360°!  Without further ado, here are GF360­° Top 5 Posts of 2013.

Gracias, gracias, gracias!


5. Coconut Mango Bars (Panetela de Mango)

GF360 Top 5 Posts of 2013: Coconut Mango Bars

A twist on the classic panetela de guayaba, made with coconut oil and mango paste.

4. Saborea Puerto Rico 2013: The Event

GF360 Top 5 Posts of 2013 - Saborea Puerto Rico 2013

The ultimate food event where Puerto Rico’s best chefs come out to play and showcase their best dishes!

3. Food & Wine People’s Best New Chef: Gulft Coast Nominee – Raul Correa

GF360 Top 5 Posts of 2013 - Chef Raul Correa

The Water & Beach Club hotel’s Executive Chef was nominated for this prestigious honor and we celebrated with some of his signature plates.

2. Mallorca Bread Pudding

GF360 Top 5 Posts of 2013 - Mallorca Bread PuddingA new fixture in my holiday table!

1. Blood Sausage Empanadas

GF360 Top 5 Posts of 2013 - Empanadas de MorcillaFried spicy deliciousness!

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