Friday Tasty Links – March 29, 2013

I hope everyone has a great Easter/Passover/spring solstice celebration! Maybe the rate at which I have been posting has given away that I am enjoying a week off from work-work. Feels nice to catch up on my reading and relax for a bit.

Here are this week’s Friday tasty links:

Maybe some of these cuisines and ingredients are not as pervasive as they were in their heyday, but that allows the people who actually master them to shine.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. I get that no-shows are costly, especially if people have been turned down for reservations, but in the end this reflects in bad PR for the restaurant. How about just emailing or calling personally?

  • Homemade Cadbury Eggs (Food52)

People who pull off beautiful treats like these are my heroes. Burning question: do Cadbury creme eggs have fake yolks? I am more of a caramel or PB egg person.

Beautiful, fast-paced snapshot of eating and walking through Sri Lanka.

  • How to Puerto Rico – Plátano Kit (Antrocket)

Antrocket is a new crowdfunding site based out of Puerto Rico, run by a friend’s brother. One of the projects they are trying to fund is a line of Puerto Rico souvenirs that allow the purchaser to really take back some of Puerto Rico into their daily life. The first product on their pipeline is a combination pilón/tostonera for making flat tostones, plantain nests for stuffed tostones or mofongo. All woods used for the project are local. I am hoping they can get some institutional or retail backing. Amidst the plethora of tacky (and made in China) souvenirs, these “How to Puerto Rico” kits would truly stand out.

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  1. April 1, 2013 at 7:24 pm #

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter, my friend! I may have to try to make those Cadbury eggs next year!

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