Friday Tasty Links: January 18th, 2014

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This week’s Friday Tasty Links straddle the line between classic and futuristic, plus a little caffeine science and real food fireworks.

 A literal explosion of flavors, this video shows food fireworks set to music.  Each musical note triggers a new spice to go up in the air.  Stunning!

  • 150 Classic Recipes: The Index (Saveur)

The magazine celebrates its 15oth issue by posting a slide show featuring 150 classic recipes from around the world.  The actual index reads like a culinary bucket list for this home cook.

  • Whether you like it or not, 3D printed food is on the way (Digital Trends)

While the average kitchen might not benefit at all from these technologies, there are some very real and practical applications for commercial pastry makers.  I’m still a skeptic. Until I taste it…

  • Food and Drink Trend Predictions (Details)

 We’re only three weeks into the new year… there’s still time for checking out some of the potential trends for the year.  This list covers not only the flavors this magazine believes will gain prominence in 2014, but how we will be enjoying them.  I”ll see you at the dinner theatre.

  • Why You Should Have Your First Cup of Coffee a Little Later in the Morning (The Kitchn)

A study suggest that while we may be groggy right after rising in the morning, we are most alert in those first hours of day.  Delaying caffeine consumption until the moment this feeling starts to fade away is thought to be the best way to avoid jolts and make the most of the stimulating effects.

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