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GF360˚ Top 5 Posts of 2014

top five posts 2014

Un año que viene y otro que se va…

I love putting together the now traditional GF360˚ top 5 new posts of each year.  For starters, it reinforces the kind of writing and experiences I want to continue having and sharing with all of you.  There is a lesson learned for each of these posts.

Drumroll please!  GF360˚ Top 5 posts of 2014 are… Read More…

Food Blogger Cookbook Swap – Sugarbaby

Sugarbaby by Gesine Bullock-Prado

Sometimes your blogging friends have the coolest ideas… Read More…

GF360° Top 5 Posts of 2013

GF360° Top 5 Posts of 2013

I am a statistics nerd… putting together this recap of the most viewed posts of 2013 was fun and eye-opening.  Puerto Rican flavors, both and and out of my kitchen, keep bringing friends, family and the curious into Great Food 360°!  Without further ado, here are GF360­° Top 5 Posts of 2013.

Gracias, gracias, gracias!

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Happy 2014!

Happy Healthy Safe Bountiful Delicious 2014

Setting the Table

The enjoyment of great food depends on how a meal is presented almost as much as it how it is cooked.  It doesn’t matter if a dish is prepared over the course of a whole afternoon or comes from a takeout container, it will taste better if it is eaten on the dining room table, using real plates and flatware set on top of some placemats or a tablecloth.  I don’t feel the same way eating my morning cereal if I lug the bowl upstairs in front of the computer as I do if I eat it sitting on the dining room table or the kitchen bar.   Read More…

NBC Latino: Food Blogs We Love

NBC Latino: Food Blogs We Love

I’m beyond excited today.  Great Food 360˚ is featured this week over at NBC Latino, in the weekly “Food Blogs We Love” column.  A couple of weeks ago, Nina Terrero from NBC Latino reached out and asked if I would be interested in being profiled.  Santo quiere misa?

Thank you for taking time to read my posts and for sharing them with your friends and family.  It makes this ride so much sweeter.

Follow NBC Latino on Facebook and Twitter and make sure to check out all those great “Food Blogs We Love” features.  There are so many inspiring bloggers there!


GF360˚ Top 5 Posts of 2012

With 2012 officially out of the way, it’s time to reveal which were the top 5 most visited posts from last year.  Although perennial favorites Harina de Maíz (Breakfast Cornmeal Cereal) and Sandwiches de Mezcla could not be toppled off the first spots, the top two items from this year will definitely give them a run for their money in 2013.  People are arriving to Great Food 360˚ for the Puerto Rican and Caribbean recipes, and I’ll be happy to continue working with the traditional and more modern interpretations of these flavors.

Here are the Top 5 posts of 2012:

5.  Lumpy Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche - 2012 Top 5 Posts at GreatFood360

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French Fridays with Dorie Anniversary

This week marks my first year cooking and blogging with the French Fridays with Dorie group.  This “Dorie Anniversary” feels like a true milestone.  It’s the first time I get so much metaphorical mileage out of a cookbook.  I also credit FFwD for helping me keep a blogging schedule/output consistency.   Read More…